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Work management

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Task inbox MFE: add subject column to all grids

If the child task has subject object(s), then If there's only one subject object, show it as Subject If there's more than one subject object, display text "multiple objects (x)" If the child task does not have subject object(s), then look at the p...
over 1 year ago in Ease of use / productivity / Work management 1 Shipped

Review and Commenting MFE: Ability to carry over and raise issues across multiple revisions

Need to be able to carry over open issues to new revisions of documents, tags etc.
over 1 year ago in Review and commenting / Work management 0 Shipped

Task inbox MFE: allow selecting multiple tasks to apply the action

It would save a few clicks if users could select multiple tasks and accept/reject them in bulk. Refer to the UI mockup as an example:

Emphasize that the work task is overdue in the workflow wrapper/footer on the subject object

E.g. instead of Add "past due date" status Where the specific implementation could be validated with the UX team.
over 2 years ago in Consistency / Learnability / Work management 1 Shipped