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Status Future consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 2, 2023

ALIM Import/Export - Instance Associations - Allow Delete

We would like the ALIM Import/Export tool to have the ability to remove/delete Instance Associations.

The Instance Association sheet is used to:

  1. Add Responsibilities

  2. Add XRefs

  3. Add Alternate Tag Numbers

  4. Associate Work Orders

  5. Add Notes

  6. Other

We have a lot of Document and Tag Associations (Responsibilities, XRefs, ATNs etc), where we need to remove existing associations but are unable to remove in bulk using the ALIM I/E tool.

Where we require associations removed in bulk, our only option is to raise an SR rather than actioning ourselves, and I don't want to wait 10+ months for my SR to be actioned.

It is completely illogical that Bentley provides a tool to bulk create Instance Associations but doesn't provide a bulk tool to remove associations.

eg Task 1 of many; I am currently removing one hundred and thirty thousand Document 'Accountable Person' responsibilities for one person who's left our company. Currently I can only do this in batches of 1000/batch via Director > Basket Actions. I'm going to spend more time doing this task than the developer adding the 'delete' functionality.

Can you please update the ALIM I/E tool's Instance Associations sheet so we're able to remove Instance Associations.

What underlying problem is this idea trying to solve?

Bulk Delete Instance Associations