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Status Future consideration
Categories Flexibility
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 29, 2023

Provide ability to specify equipment classes to be related to a document (e.g., to a standard operating procedure)

On Document attribute X being saved, relate any physical items that are not obsolete and have the same class(es) as the value(s) set in the attribute with relationship type Y to that Document (X, Y to be provided in corresponding settings per scope).

If the value is deleted, delete the related physical items of that class where the relationship class is Y.

When a physical item is created, find all documents that refer to the physical item class and relate them to the new document.

When a physical item is reclassified, remove all the documents that were related with the original physical item class and add the documents related to the new physical item class.

What underlying problem is this idea trying to solve?

User would like to have an attribute on a document that retrieves all the class codes for Physical Items. This is a multi-value attribute. If the document (Standard Operating Procedure – SOP) is for how to maintain a specific type of equipment for example, they will select the class code(s) for that type of equipment, e.g. VALVES.

In the background that creates a relationship between that document and each instance (physical item) of that type of equipment.