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Status Future consideration
Categories User experience
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 13, 2021

Carry over subscription Document

We would like ALIM/eB to automatically carry over Document S ubscriptions from the subscribed Revision to any new Revisions created. ie like a real Document Management System, the user is subsc ribed to the 'Document' object not the Document Revision object (ie Revisions are child objects of the parent Document object and th e user is subscribed to the parent Document object irrespective of Revision).

If a user subscribes to a Document, the user should b e subscribed to that Document for the life of the document. If a user needs to unsubscribe from a Document, then the u ser can do that themselves.

What underlying problem is this idea trying to solve?

Prevent double work and possible exclusion for required person that needs document access. Ensure communication and action stays relative