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Status Future consideration
Categories Search / Reports
Created by Guest
Created on May 15, 2023
Merged idea
This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit ALIMWEB-I-23 Improve searching in ALIM Web.

Ability to add/remove columns in search results Merged

When a user executes a search, the user should be able to add and remove columns they wish to see on the results page.

Currently this list is fixed and the request is to have this determined by the user, this could be a list of attributes the user can pick from, depending on the object that is being searched.

What underlying problem is this idea trying to solve?

if there was an Action/Edit box that then took you to a list of available functions to display or remove like shown in screenshot from our new Service Now portal, is what user is requesting so that they can dynamically choose what they want to see in the result.