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Status Future consideration
Categories SaaS
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 24, 2023

Change Controlled - Elevated Permissions - Document Metadata

ALIM currently allows for elevated permissions to add or remove files to/from a change controlled document.

The files attached to a change controlled document are THE MOST IMPORTANT piece of metadata associated with the document. ie Bentley / ALIM allow the changing of the most critical of document metadata.

ALIM should allow permitted users the elevated permissions to change other document metadata, including (as a MINIMUM): Document Number, Document Title, Document Revision, Unapprove, Approve, Remarks....and delete change controlled documents.

The additional, currently-not-available elevated permissions for change controlled documents should be core ALIM behaviour.

What underlying problem is this idea trying to solve?

Allow Bentley MaS (hosted/SaaS) customers to be able to self-service changes to change controlled documents.

ie not have to raise an SR every time we want to update the Remarks on a document. (just one of many examples).