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Layout editor: introduce support of attributes in relationships topics

over 4 years ago in Flexibility / Object layout 0 Future consideration

Provide ability to specify equipment classes to be related to a document (e.g., to a standard operating procedure)

On Document attribute X being saved, relate any physical items that are not obsolete and have the same class(es) as the value(s) set in the attribute with relationship type Y to that Document (X, Y to be provided in corresponding settings per scop...
10 months ago in Flexibility 0 Future consideration

Limit General Photo Doc to 1 file

Enhancement request to mitigate a user error issue where Users can add more than 1 image file to "General Photograph" class Documents which results in the Structure Report contextual report having all photos in the current Document shown. Example ...
about 1 year ago in Flexibility / User specific requests 2 Future consideration

ALIM Web Predictive Search-Switchable

We have several users who do not like the new ALIM Web's predictive search. The users find that the predictive search appears to reduce search performance and decreases the user's experience when searching. Users would prefer to have the option...
almost 4 years ago in Flexibility / Performance / Search / Reports 0 Future consideration

Task inbox MFE: allow completing the tasks in branching workflows where user needs to select the path

Depending on the workflow configuration, after completing some tasks users must be presented with the option to select one or several tasks to proceed.
about 2 years ago in Consistency / Ease of use / productivity / Flexibility / iTwin Experience & PlantSight / Work management 0 Future consideration