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Have the color coded document status icon shown in the search results

When opening a document object, there's a color coded icon shown next to the document number (white, blue, orange, green, red, dark blue), which represents the current state of the document (Planned, Draft, Changing, Current, Historic, Locked). Wh...
11 months ago in Search / Reports 1 Future consideration

Allow cancelling the search

To not make users wait if they realize the parameters were not correct and it's taking a bit to retrieve the results
over 1 year ago in Ease of use / productivity / Search / Reports 0 Future consideration

ALIM Web Predictive Search-Switchable

We have several users who do not like the new ALIM Web's predictive search. The users find that the predictive search appears to reduce search performance and decreases the user's experience when searching. Users would prefer to have the option...
over 3 years ago in Flexibility / Performance / Search / Reports 0 Future consideration

Provide a solution to access publisher export in cloud

Provide a solution to access Publisher export in hosted environments, where using shared folders on Cloud servers is not allowed. The solution should allow working with huge packages (thousands of documents/files and thousands of tags – e.g. when ...
about 5 years ago in Import & export / SaaS 0 Future consideration

popup/ acknowledgment when downloading a report from explorer

When downloading the results of the reports in the explorer tab to a csv file, it would be helpful if there is a popup or a message stating that a report is downloading. It would also be helpful if the report could have a unique name each time a c...
4 months ago in Search / Reports 0 Future consideration

In editing mode, allow users to filter out only empty mandatory fields

In editing mode, allow users to filter out only empty mandatory fields. Currently users sometimes have to scroll through 50-60 attributes trying to locate which one is mandatory and is not populated
over 1 year ago in Ease of use / productivity / Object layout 0 Future consideration

View Tag Named Relationship in Explorer

Currently tags are only visible in an explorer view when using inherent (parent-child) relationship. As we may have different relationships, the request is to add the ability to view other named relationships for tags in the Explorer view. This is...
over 2 years ago in Consistency 0 Already exists

Update Locations, Manufacturers and Plant Assembly navigators to support paging, status icons and scope awareness

Update the server APIs to support paging, status icons and scope awareness for Locations, Manufacturers and Plant Assembly navigators Update the user interface to call the new APIs
over 3 years ago in Consistency / Ease of use / productivity / Object status 0 Future consideration

Add an option for Work Task reworks to send an email to either the user who completed the task being reworked or members of the assigned skill

Currently, reworking a task sends an email to every user whose skill is linked to the task being reworked. Since a single user accepted and completed the task, there should be an option for the rework notification to only be sent to the user who c...
5 months ago in Notifications 0 Future consideration

Add the option to choose which Work Task in a Work Order sends an email notification or not

Currently, if a user has its email notifications on, the user will receive an email notification when a work task he's assigned to appears in his Work Exchange Inbox. Sometimes though, actions to take are spread out to multiple work tasks for the ...
5 months ago in User experience 0 Future consideration