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Add the option to export the list of records from the reassign master button on a project

When you click on reassign master from a project, you get a list of the records available to reassign (split between those available, on backorder, etc). It would be useful to be able to export this as a report just like exporting an availability ...
7 days ago in Ease of use / productivity 1 Will not implement

Enhance calculated masks to allow specifying part of the mask as the context for sequence number

Enhance calculated masks to allow specifying which part of the mask is used as the context for identifying the next sequence number, e.g. in the following sample [ BBA1-F-441 ] is declared as the context for calculating the ### sequence, whereas t...
about 1 month ago in  0 Future consideration

Allow users to define through configuration whether (the value of) the attribute should be carried over to a new revision

Use cases to be covered: Whether or not the value of the attribute associated to the class is carried over to a new instance Whether or not to completely remove the association to the (legacy) attribute not associated to the class when creating a ...
3 months ago in Ease of use / productivity 0 Future consideration

Change Controlled - Elevated Permissions - Document Metadata

ALIM currently allows for elevated permissions to add or remove files to/from a change controlled document. The files attached to a change controlled document are THE MOST IMPORTANT piece of metadata associated with the document. ie Bentley / ALIM...
9 months ago in SaaS 1 Will not implement

popup/ acknowledgment when downloading a report from explorer

When downloading the results of the reports in the explorer tab to a csv file, it would be helpful if there is a popup or a message stating that a report is downloading. It would also be helpful if the report could have a unique name each time a c...
5 months ago in Search / Reports 0 Future consideration

ALIM web landing page - TILES enhancements

Tile RECENT : add ability to view more than 10 items (-more- button at the bottom of the Tile) Add more configuration possibilities regarding TIles ie : max number of visible items in a Tile add an additional Tile(s) Configure Colors & Text st...
7 months ago in Ease of use / productivity 0 Future consideration

Display "Thinking" Icon on page retrieve

Display "Thinking" Icon on page retrieve. When waiting for a page to be retrieved by user-initiated request/action, please have a visual cue that shows action is occurring i.e. spinning icon
11 months ago in Housekeeping 0 Future consideration

Export Last Comment on new column on export response sheet

Currently users and contractors have ability to export issues from the owner review portal, then add a response comment to import. Often they are responding to both the issue and a comment made by the owner. The issue information is exported, howe...
2 months ago in Review and commenting 0 Future consideration

Improve working with tables (search results and relationships)

Should address both search results and relationships topics (at min, in ALIM Web) Allow filtering tables (e.g. based on relationship name or object code) Include check boxes next to individual rows to allow selecting all/subset of records and appl...
almost 4 years ago in Ease of use / productivity 0 Future consideration

Have the color coded document status icon shown in the search results

When opening a document object, there's a color coded icon shown next to the document number (white, blue, orange, green, red, dark blue), which represents the current state of the document (Planned, Draft, Changing, Current, Historic, Locked). Wh...
12 months ago in Search / Reports 1 Future consideration