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Improve searching in ALIM Web

The top 5 areas identified through user research are: Ability to add additional parameter to search query Ability to filter search results Ability to quickly navigate between search results and particular record properties Ability to have saved se...
almost 5 years ago in Ease of use / productivity / Learnability / Search / Reports 5 Future consideration

Improve working with tables (search results and relationships)

Should address both search results and relationships topics (at min, in ALIM Web) Allow filtering tables (e.g. based on relationship name or object code) Include check boxes next to individual rows to allow selecting all/subset of records and appl...
almost 4 years ago in Ease of use / productivity 0 Future consideration

Change Controlled - Elevated Permissions - Document Metadata

ALIM currently allows for elevated permissions to add or remove files to/from a change controlled document. The files attached to a change controlled document are THE MOST IMPORTANT piece of metadata associated with the document. ie Bentley / ALIM...
7 months ago in SaaS 0 Future consideration

Layout editor: introduce support of attributes in relationships topics

about 4 years ago in Flexibility / Object layout 0 Future consideration

PW connector: add the functionality to move renditions from PW to ALIM to the sync engine

Add the functionality to move renditions from PW to ALIM to the sync engine (instead of using the stored procedure)
almost 3 years ago in CDE (common data environment) / Ease of use / productivity 0 Future consideration

Extend "Download files" action to all object types which support file containers

Currently, the wizard only supports documents. Would be great to support objects which allow configuring file containers (e.g. CRs, physical items, etc.)
over 3 years ago in Ease of use / productivity 0 Future consideration

Allow users to define through configuration whether (the value of) the attribute should be carried over to a new revision

Use cases to be covered: Whether or not the value of the attribute associated to the class is carried over to a new instance Whether or not to completely remove the association to the (legacy) attribute not associated to the class when creating a ...
23 days ago in Ease of use / productivity 0 Future consideration

Display "Thinking" Icon on page retrieve

Display "Thinking" Icon on page retrieve. When waiting for a page to be retrieved by user-initiated request/action, please have a visual cue that shows action is occurring i.e. spinning icon
9 months ago in Housekeeping 0 Future consideration

Allow hiding specific actions in ALIM Web based on user role(s)

E.g. File download iTwin visualization related actions (Publish, Map, Launch)
over 2 years ago in Ease of use / productivity / iModel Viewer / Security 0 Future consideration

ALIM Web Predictive Search-Switchable

We have several users who do not like the new ALIM Web's predictive search. The users find that the predictive search appears to reduce search performance and decreases the user's experience when searching. Users would prefer to have the option...
over 3 years ago in Flexibility / Performance / Search / Reports 0 Future consideration