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Allow hiding specific actions in ALIM Web based on user role(s)

E.g. File download iTwin visualization related actions (Publish, Map, Launch)
over 2 years ago in Ease of use / productivity / iModel Viewer / Security 0 Future consideration

Provide ability to specify equipment classes to be related to a document (e.g., to a standard operating procedure)

On Document attribute X being saved, relate any physical items that are not obsolete and have the same class(es) as the value(s) set in the attribute with relationship type Y to that Document (X, Y to be provided in corresponding settings per scop...
7 months ago in Flexibility 0 Future consideration

Show "locked" icon for those objects where a corresponding file container has been checked out

Currently, the "locked" icon only applies to Documents but not to other objects which support adding files directly (e.g. Change Requests, Tags, etc.) The change should apply to both the object page and relevant tree navigators
7 months ago in Consistency / Learnability 0 Future consideration

Simplify check-in process for files with duplicating names

Clicking on the check in option opens a drop zone for the file, and if user drops in a file that starts with the leaf name of a checked out file (and same extension) we could ask if they want to use it to check in the original file
about 1 year ago in Ease of use / productivity / Error handling 0 Future consideration

ALIM Import/Export - Instance Associations - Allow Delete

We would like the ALIM Import/Export tool to have the ability to remove/delete Instance Associations. The Instance Association sheet is used to: Add Responsibilities Add XRefs Add Alternate Tag Numbers Associate Work Orders Add Notes Other We have...
9 months ago in Ease of use / productivity 0 Future consideration

Allow limiting editing capabilities to only assigned individuals while object is a subject to a workflow

It would be beneficial to introduce a setting (per scope), which would allow restricting editing object properties/attributes only to those individuals who are currently working on an active workflow task - while the object is a subject to an acti...
9 months ago in Security / Work management 0 Future consideration

Prototype copy options

When creating a change package, the modification prototype or mark-up copy is taken from a base object uses a pre-selected set of options to populate the copy from the base object. Shell wants to be able to configure the metadata and files to be t...
9 months ago in User specific requests 0 Future consideration

Update Destroyed Documents to Historic

When a document is actioned on a Destroy File Plan the Document Status remains as it was before the files were removed/destroyed. Such action means that typical users can potentially search for, find, and then attempt to download files that no lon...
9 months ago in Object status 0 Future consideration

Show checked out indicator on file container

When an object has a file container and a user checks out the file, there is no indication on the related object that the file container is checked out. The only time a user will see anything is if they select the ellipsis on the file and the chec...
over 1 year ago in Object status 0 Future consideration

View Tag Named Relationship in Explorer

Currently tags are only visible in an explorer view when using inherent (parent-child) relationship. As we may have different relationships, the request is to add the ability to view other named relationships for tags in the Explorer view. This is...
over 2 years ago in Consistency 0 Already exists