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In editing mode, allow users to filter out only populated fields and topics

In editing mode, allow users to filter out only populated fields and topics. It's painful to scroll through all possible attributes and topics (especially when a default layout is enabled) trying to locate a specific one that you want to UPDATE
over 1 year ago in Ease of use / productivity / Object layout 0 Future consideration

Display tags associated to the Functional System (VI) in the content frame

Display tags associated to the Functional System (VI) in the content frame not just in the tree structure in navigation frame
over 1 year ago in Consistency / Ease of use / productivity / Learnability / Object layout 0 Planned

Task inbox, Review and Commenting MFE: add server based filtering

Currently the filtering in tables is implemented via iTwinUI capabilities, which means that only pre-loaded rows are being filtered. We need to replace that with server-based filtering to retrieve all applicable rows matching the filtering criteria
over 1 year ago in Ease of use / productivity / Work management 0 Future consideration

Display objects related to the workflow at the individual task level

Currently to review the objects assigned to the task, user has to manually navigate to the workflow page. It would be much more convenient if the subject objects associated with the workflow (aka parent task) were visible from the child task page ...
almost 2 years ago in Work management 0 Future consideration

Allow formatting output columns in eQL search/reports

Examples: Support different date formats (to avoid having to use CAST function in eQL which causes not being able to sort by that column later) Allow defining precision for number fields Allow specifying width of columns
almost 2 years ago in Ease of use / productivity / Search / Reports 0 Future consideration

Task inbox MFE: allow completing the tasks in branching workflows where user needs to select the path

Depending on the workflow configuration, after completing some tasks users must be presented with the option to select one or several tasks to proceed.
almost 2 years ago in Consistency / Ease of use / productivity / Flexibility / iTwin Experience & PlantSight / Work management 0 Future consideration

Rework the dialog of adding objects to a workflow

Change the wording in the dialogs used to add objects to a workflow from to: NOTE that in the screenshots above, documents were taken as an example. But the same applies to other objects which can be subject to a workflow (e.g., tags, VIGs, items,...
over 2 years ago in Learnability 0 Future consideration

Remove FTR option from the default document search

We rarely set up FTR, so this option should not be included by default
almost 3 years ago in Search / Reports 0 Future consideration