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Add possibility of having folders/structure in Basket

It would be very useful to have the possibility to have some kind of structure to the Basket feature, like folders for Favorites, where a user could organize his/her basket the way they want. This way, they could have multiple basket folders depen...
7 months ago in User experience 2 Future consideration

Email Notifications: Reworking a task in Work Orders Template

We currently have the ability to rework within the work order templates. However, no email notifications get sent to users when it is done this way.
11 months ago in Notifications 4 Already exists

Ability to Synchronize with ProjectWise multiple markups/prototypes at the same time from a Change Request perspective

Currently, the new version of the AssetWise-ProjectWise Connector works with a "Synchronize with ProjectWise" action in AssetWise. Problem is, this option is only available from the markup/prototype view, there is no way to Synchronize multiple ma...
11 months ago in CDE (common data environment) / Ease of use / productivity 4 Future consideration

Simplify check-in process for files with duplicating names

Clicking on the check in option opens a drop zone for the file, and if user drops in a file that starts with the leaf name of a checked out file (and same extension) we could ask if they want to use it to check in the original file
about 1 year ago in Ease of use / productivity / Error handling 0 Future consideration

Show checked out indicator on file container

When an object has a file container and a user checks out the file, there is no indication on the related object that the file container is checked out. The only time a user will see anything is if they select the ellipsis on the file and the chec...
over 1 year ago in Object status 0 Future consideration

Carry over subscription Document

We would like ALIM/eB to automatically carry over Document S ubscriptions from the subscribed Revision to any new Revisions created. ie like a real Document Management System, the user is subsc ribed to the 'Document' object not the Document Revis...
almost 3 years ago in User experience 0 Future consideration

Information panel to quickly navigate between search results and object properties/files

Provide a quick view using Info Panel: at least system properties and files. Background: Users find it difficult to review information about found objects, explore their attributes, files, relationships. Navigation to object page results in losing...
over 3 years ago in Ease of use / productivity / Search / Reports 0 Future consideration

Breadcrumb navigation

Add the breadcrumb navigation to the top similar to ALIM UI (last three items accessed)
almost 5 years ago in Ease of use / productivity 0 Will not implement

Enhance calculated masks to allow specifying part of the mask as the context for sequence number

Enhance calculated masks to allow specifying which part of the mask is used as the context for identifying the next sequence number, e.g. in the following sample [ BBA1-F-441 ] is declared as the context for calculating the ### sequence, whereas t...
3 days ago in  0 Future consideration

Export Last Comment on new column on export response sheet

Currently users and contractors have ability to export issues from the owner review portal, then add a response comment to import. Often they are responding to both the issue and a comment made by the owner. The issue information is exported, howe...
about 1 month ago in Review and commenting 0 Future consideration